School Partnership Project

In our quest to equip Schools with the right ICT tools, we have developed the Students Management Software in accordance with Nigerian Educational System Curriculum to provide solutions for an efficient management of school/student records.

This software is very flexible and users friendly tool used to store and manage students performance records in the school. The flexibility of the software makes entry, accessibility, modification and printing of students record easy at the click of a button.

It has an all inclusive extra-ordinary features, which are: Student Continuous Assessment and Examination records, Generating and printing of report sheets, broadsheet (termly and annually) with Central Management (ADMIN), Class Teacher and Subject Teacher Management interfaces.

We are optimistic that managing school records will be much more easy, secure and reliable than the usual manual and traditional approach of records management. 


The existing system explains the manual ways of data collection which can be regarded as marks. Each subject teacher has a statutory duty of setting examination questions on his/her subjects and also mark the script without wasting time after the examination. The examination score takes 70% of the total scores and the continuous assessment takes the remaining 30% of the total aggregate. The individual teacher records the marks gotten by each student in a score sheet which in turn be copied into the report sheet that would be presented to the student. The report sheets are then submitted back to the class teacher in order to collate all the scores together to find the average mark of each student. The class teacher also integrates necessary and visual pieces of information such as number of days present and absent, total number of students in class, vacation and resumption date, etc.

The use of manual system to perform this process entails many problems such as:

  • Consumption of excessive time.
  • Requires large amount of money and labour.
  • Misplacement of students’ data.
  • Devoid of accuracy.
  • Inadequate storage facilities
  • Inappropriate security.
  • Problem of retrieval among others.

The time that teachers usually spent on collating student results can be used on some other things that can enhance the academic standard and likewise improve the academy performance of students in the school.

To solve the aforementioned problems, a computerized system could be put in place to replace the manual system.


The computerized system (Students Management Solution) connotes the application of computer system to process the examination and continuous assessment scores. The CA and Examination scores of students are required each term, then the computer automatically compute the total scores, grades, class average, remarks, final average, total marks obtainable, total marks obtained and percentage.

Students Management Solution (SMS) has been designed to meet up with the challenges of the manual system of managing school information, and other features that can be of help in our schools have been added. The Students Management Solution was built on web and database technologies to provide an easy-to-use web application solution for managing teachers, parents and students information.


  • Eradication of reduplication and redundancies of data
  • Saves time
  • Online result checking
  • Enhances updating of students results at any time
  • It provides immediate retrieval of students’ results or information
  • It provides security for students’ records
  • It provides adequate storage facility
  • It reduces misplacement and misallocation of both students’ report sheets and marks to the bearest minimum
  • The school gains a competitive edge
  • ICT compliance
  • Fast means of payment
  • Reshape the school marketing brand/image
  • Serve as source of income
  • And lots more


1     Generation and printing of Student’s Report sheet (copy attached)

2     Generation and printing of Mid-term result

3     Generation of Affective, Psychomotor Traits and Physical Development

4     Generation of Class average for each Subject with Grade

5     Generation of Broadsheet (terminal and annual)

6     Student’s Profile

7     Generation of Sessional Graphical Analysis on each subject

8     Generation of Overall Graphical Analysis on each subject

9     Windows Application for all windows versions

10  Customized Friendly Used Graphics Interface

11  Robust Database back-end Size

12  Security Utility Tool

13  Fast Database Engine

14  Easy and Friendly Installation

15  Can be Used both Online and Offline


And at the middle of the term (6-8 weeks) the school will pay agreed amount on each student for the period of two (2) sessions after which the ownership of the hardware will be transferred to the school.