Website Design and Hosting

We develop World-Class website suitable for business. You host your Websites with us at affordable Price.

Software Development

CBT Software, Student Portals, Payment System, e-Library, Transcripts Solutions and lots more...

Graphics Design, Industrial Printing and Book Work

We offer General Printing Services: Logo, Calendas, Posters, Banners , Flyers, Invitation Cards, Full Marketing Package, etc.

Networking, Hardware Solution & Executive Training

We Repair and Sell Laptop & Desktop Computers, Data Recovery from Hard Disks/ Memory Cards. Training on all our services is Available.

In our quest to equip organizations with the right ICT tools, we offer the following products and services: 3.1. Products developed 3.1.1. Students� Management Solutions (SMS) 3.1.2. Payment Solutions 3.1.3. Computer Based Test (CBT) 3.1.4. E-Portal Solutions 3.1.5. E-Library Solutions 3.1.6. Tertiary Information Management Solutions

3.2.1. Schools Partnership Project (SPP) The company will provide private schools with the above mentioned products and they pay certain amount per student on terminal basis. 3.2.2. Computer Sales, Supplies and Engineering The company will deal with sales, supplies and repair of computers to customers. 3.2.3. Website & Software Development The company will render website and software development for educational institutes, companies and organization. 3.2.4. Graphics Design, Book Work and Industrial Printing The company will design graphical works such as calendars, flyers, postals, bill board and will render book work for publishers and writers 3.2.5. Executive Training The company will render executive training to schools, companies and organizations on computer literacy. 3.3 Product Features 3.3.1 Generation and printing of Student�s Report sheet (copy attached) 3.3.2 Generation and printing of Mid-term result 3.3.3 Generation of Affective, Psychomotor Traits and Physical Development 3.3.4 Generation of Class average for each Subject with Grade 3.3.5 Generation of Broadsheet (terminal and annual) 3.3.6 Student�s Profile 3.3.7 Generation of Sessional Graphical Analysis on each subject 3.3.8 Generation of Overall Graphical Analysis on each subject 3.3.9 Security Utility Tool 3.3.10 Fast Database Engine 3.3.11 Easy and Friendly Installation 3.3.12 Can be Used both Online and Offline 3.3.13 Setting of examination and test questions 3.3.14 Automatic marking 3.3.15 Instant result generation

Products developed

  1. Students’ Management Solutions (SMS)
  2. Payment Solutions
  3. Computer Based Test (CBT)
  4. E-Portal Solutions
  5. E-Library Solutions
  6. Tertiary Information Management Solutions